FS9 & FSX Helicopter AUTOPILOT

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with the autopilot.

- Parking Brake OFF [CTRL+.]
- Heading Bug Top index (2)
- Stabilization ON (10)
- Use the BRAKE button as a FORCE TRIM RELASE if you
like to fly that way.

- F/TDN ON (11)
- Hover 20 ft

- Press F/TDN a second time now (11)
- The helicopter will accelerate and climb.
- When passing 40 KIAS the V/S and IAS mode will engage
and the settings change to 75 KIAS and 500 ft/min
- Press (9) and set the pattern altitude.
The helicopter will level off when the altitude is
- Use the heading bug (2) to fly the crosswind,
downwind, base and final.
- On final engage V/S with (4) and adjust descent to a
nice value, disengage IAS with (3) and reduce power.
- Arm the TDN with (11).
When Speed is reduced to 50 KIAS and the altitude is
below 300 ft/gnd HHT will come on. When HHT is on you
can reduce the height with (12) and land the

You can also Take Off without the stabilization, but this is much more difficult depending on your FS realism setting.

- When reaching 200 ft/GND and 40 KIAS you can switch on
the "Higher Order Modes"
- Push the Heading knob (2) and the V/S (4), adjust a
nice climb.
- Then adjust ALT.A (Altitude acquired) (9) to the
desired Altitude. The helicopter will level by its own.

If you want to fly an ILS you have to fly with HDG (2) the intercept. Arm the localizer with the APP (7) button.
The glide slope will be armed normally when the localizer is captured by pressing the G/S button (8).
The helicopter will level at 82ft/GND and will fly the present heading like the real one.

You can activate the CR.HT (cruise height) (5) mode above 200ft/GND and you can decent down to 10 ft/GND in connection with a direction mode.

When on Ground switch off the stabilization (10)

You have to have two modes active to make it work. HDG AND ALT or HDG AND IAS or IAS AND ALT.

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