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Super Puma MKII Fleet by company

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Latest update: 2013-01-31

Carrier Model In duty Losses
300 Squadron RNLAF U2 17  
Royal Saudi Arabia Airforce A2 13 (B) 1
Royal Saudi Arabia Airforce L2 2  
CHC Helicopter Service L2 6  
CHC Global L2 2  
CHC Afrika L2 1  
CHC Scotia L2 7  
Aeroleo Taxi Aereo S.A. L2 1  
Flugbereitschaft BMVG U2 3  
Thailand Royal Flight L2 1 (A) 1
Bristow-Norsk Helicopter L2 2  
Southern Services Flight L2 5  
French Airforce A2 1  
Sony Trading International L2 1  
Goverment Flying Service L2 2 (G) 1
CHC Brazilian Helicopter Service L2 0 (E) 1
Indonesian President L2 2  
Bristow Helicopters L2 1 (D) 1
Royal Kingdom Maroc L2 2  
Goverment of Turkmenistan L2 2  
Bond Offshore Helicopter L2 7 (F) 1
MHS Aviation L2 4 (C) 2
NHV Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen L2 2  
Totals    89 8
The information on this page is a result of intense internet research.
(G) B-HRN ditched 2010-12-27

(F) G-REDL crashed 2009-04-01

(E) PP-MUM crashed 2008-02-26

(D) G-JSAR ditched 2006-11-22

(C) 9M-SPA crashed 2006-11-05
(C) 9M-SRT ditched 2007-01-30

(B) 9907__ crashed 2000-11-19

One Royal Saudi Arabia Airforce Cougar crashed 19.11.2000. Eurocopter sold the F-ZVLA, serial 2389 to the Saudis which will use the aircraft as a ground trainer only.

(A) HS-3/39 crashed 1997-09-19

One Thai Royal Flight MKII was destroyed in a crash 19.09.1997 at Narathiwat. The other two are grounded, because the Royal family denies to fly with them. The machines are put in storage at Wing 2 in Lop Buri. According to the Bangkog Post from 03.09.2001 the aircraft's will be put back in service soon to fly the Prime Minister after the pilots are retrained and checked out on the Super Puma. The two L2 are on duty again since December 2001 and Feburary 2002. The aircrafts are now painted in the colors of the Royal Thai Air Force. The remainig two aircraft are being sold in 2003 to EADS. They have been bought by the Royal Saudi Arabia Airforce for VIP transport in 2006.

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