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Junghans how to hints

Here are some hints how to separate some Junghans movements from themselfs.

Is it a J26 or a J31/J32?
As you can find J26, J31 and J32 movements without markings and as they look the same, there is this little hint, which can help you to determine if you have a J26 in hand or a J31/J32, without taking the watch apart.
Use a caliper and messuare carefully the distance between the top of the top plate and the top of the bottom plate. If more than 4 mm it is a J26.

Another feature which distinguishes the J26 from a J31 and a J31 from a J32 are the amount of screws on the balance wheel.
J26 14 screws, J31 8 screws and the J32 has 16 screws.
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