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Junhghans Pocket Watch with chatons?

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Once in a while you can find pictures of Junghans pocket watches where chatons have been used on the movement. Junghans itself did this to make special event watches as single peaces like the one which was presented to Arthur Junghans for his confirmation in 1917. Later, as a training branch was established in the Junghans company, ca. 1928, trainees had to do this task as a training job.
Another J15 movement with chatons in the Junghans museum.
J15 Chaton.jpg
Junghans movements have been used as well during journeyman's and master craftsman examination where the examinee had to show his skills.
This is Wolfgang's "Wolfri" journeyman's examination piece from 1961.
Pictures of Junghans movements with chatons found in the www.

J15 with chatons and regulating spring.

J15 www chaton.jpg
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